Hey NimNim fam! We hope that you’ve all been enjoying the warmer weather in Boston and the always warm weather in Miami (as a Bostonian, I’m jealous!) while staying happy, healthy, and safe. Today, our blog post is going to offer an inside look at what you can expect from going to a NimNim promotional meet and greet. We’re all about giving you the inside scoop on our process and why it sets us apart.

NimNim prides itself on being a highly personal brand and we love having as much communication with our customers as we can. Normally, when we host a promotional event, it is usually at an apartment complex. Shoutout to the Radius, Ink Block, Bower Boston, Brickell Miami, the Benjamin, One Greenway, and all of the other buildings and businesses that have hosted us! We love visiting apartment complexes because it gives us the amazing opportunity to get face-to-face time with our valued customers, garner feedback, learn about what customers’ needs are, and get to know the NimNim fam a little bit better!

However, when we host an event, it’s not just for our benefit. We come bearing gifts! Before COVID, we would bring lots of community platters like charcuterie boards, but we have since adapted. Now, we offer individually-wrapped versions of our goodies: cheeses, meats, crackers, and more! This way, we can spread the love while prioritizing safety! We also offer individual drinks such as teas and seltzers, as well as Truly Seltzers and White Claws for our 21+ crowd to keep our guests refreshed. To show our support of COVID safety, we also offer our NimNim masks! Our reusable cloth masks are a great way to keep you and your loved ones protected from the virus. For added protection, we recommend wearing a disposable mask underneath the NimNim mask. We make sure that our staffers working NimNim promotional events make safety the utmost concern through masks and added eye protection. Additionally, another swag item we offer is our NimNim laundry bag! We pride ourselves on our simplistic and eye-catching aesthetic, and with our laundry bag, you can take care of laundry, dry cleaning, and more while looking the part, too! Some of our more specialized events may feature a specific service we offer, such as shoe shining.

Still, the true highlight of a NimNim event is being able to chat with you all and feeling the NimNim love. Our staff is here to answer any questions you might have about NimNim, what we do, and what we represent. We also give away exclusive insider deals that attendees have special access to! These deals include promo codes, special contests, and more depending on your building. Speaking of, keep an eye out for our monthly giveaway that we host on our Instagram coming at the end of this month!

We strongly value our partnerships with building complexes in the areas we service. Not only do theylet us into their space to chat with their residents, but some of our partnerships also include giving back to the greater community. A few blog posts ago, we discussed how NimNim hosts many clothing donation boxes in these buildings to be given to charity. Without our partners, we wouldn’t be able to give back to the community we know and love at the level we do.


We want to give another big thank you to all of the buildings who host us, all of the residents who stop by and get to know us, and for all of the unforgettable chats had and memories made! Even with COVID, we are so glad that we have found ways to stay connected to our valued members of the NimNim fam. We are so grateful for you! Stay updated with our Instagram (getnimnim) for the latest updates on future building events!


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