What can NimNim do for you?


Here’s how we do it


Around the clock

We love what we do and that’s why at NimNim, the machines are always whirring, our efficient drivers are always on the move and there isn’t a single dull moment.


At your command

Your convenience is our top most priority and you can book your service any time. Of course, we won’t disturb you post 10 pm but will ensure your order is picked up before the day begins. Our typical pick-up time during the day is within 60 minutes.


Convenience re-defined

The joy of seeing that tick on your to-do list is incomparable and we understand that! Everything will be picked from your doorstep and will be dropped right back.


Attention to detail

Your demand is our command. We customise all our services to fit your needs. Want us to pay special attention to your white shirt? Or the coffee stain on the bed sheet? We’ll get it done for you!


Trusted community

We are growing everyday and the community at NimNim is built of trusted, experienced and efficient members. We share a common vision of bringing the best to the customers and that is the driving force of NimNim’s growth. From our drivers, our partners to our vendors - there is a common thread of reliability, honesty and efficiency.

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What could be better than all NimNim services at your fingertips!


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