Hey, NimNim Fam! We hope you all have been staying safe and well! We are SO excited for today’s blog because it’s going to shed some light on some hidden gems of the NimNim experience. So many of you return to NimNim again and again for your laundry and dry-cleaning needs, but so many people have no idea about some of our other services that are such game-changers. The process across all of our services is exactly the same, but you can expect a bit of a longer turnaround time when it comes to specialty items because we outsource them to local specialists. Now, you can use NimNim for all of your lifestyle needs for the same fair and up-front prices and unbeatable convenience.


When you open the NimNim app, the home screen offers a glimpse at our popular services, but if you click “View All” next to that, you’ll be able to view the entire NimNim service experience.











In addition to wash and fold and dry cleaning, we can take care of your household items like pillows, comforters, blankets, and duvets, tailoring needs ranging from hemming to zipper replacement, shoe repair, and carpet cleaning!

Since tailoring and rug cleaning are still new additions to the line of NimNim services, we have discount codes you can use at checkout when you try out this new side of NimNim! Use code “RUG5” or “TAILOR5” when you use each service for the first time to get $5 off your order.










Just like with laundry and dry-cleaning, NimNim will pick up and deliver each item back to you when we finish! NimNim outsources these services to local businesses who are so excited to service you. Trust that by using NimNim, you’ll be getting the most streamlined service while doing your part to support small businesses! In the COVID era, this could not be more important.

So far, our customers have loved these additions to NimNim! A resident at Miami’s Panorama Tower recently used NimNim for a rug cleaning. Here’s a photo of our COO Nimish returning the finished product back to our customer!






Our customers have also been raving about our other household item services. Mikayla, a first-time NimNim customer, wanted to clean her fuzzy blanket but was hesitant to put it into her washing machine at home because she didn’t want her blanket to lose its fluff in the process. Instead, she turned to NimNim and was able to get $10 off her first order by using code “NEWNIM” at checkout. Mikayla was super impressed with the timeliness and convenience of contactless pick-up and delivery. As a busy college student, it was a priority for Mikayla for NimNim to pick up and drop off her items on her terms, so she chose time slots for NimNim to follow! But most of all, Mikayla loved her favorite blanket even more when NimNim returned it back to her! Mikayla chose to have detergent with fragrance in it and loved how good her blanket smelled, not to mention how soft it felt too!

We hope that this feature opened your mind to the endless possibility that NimNim offers. Next time, when you have a dirty blanket or rug, scuffed shoes, or a skirt that is too big, choose NimNim!


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