A laundry revolution. Might sound cheesy, right? Well, you are correct that a “laundry revolution” is cheesy, but NimNim is changing the way we do laundry in the 21st century and beyond. NimNim’s founders, Akshay and Nimish Sahani, recognized a wide gap in the industry that they could fill. In the world of iPhones, Ubers, and grocery delivery, hauling your clothes to a laundromat and back in today’s day and age just seems a bit… dated. That’s where the NimNim app and experience fits in. Just place your order on the app (it offers as much customization and service options as you would get normally, if not more! Check out this blog post on our app and customization options for more information), select your pickup and drop-off preferences, and we take care of the rest. Literally.

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Running low on quarters for the laundromat? No problem, just enable your credit or debit card on the NimNim app and let us handle it. Don’t want to deal with other people at the laundromat for COVID-related reasons or don’t want to see people in general? NimNim is a completely individual experience that goes so far to even offer contactless delivery (just mark your preference on the app!) Don’t want to spend all that money at a dry cleaner or laundromat? NimNim prices fairly per pound, plus we have loads of seasonal and fun promo codes (use “NEWNIM” on your first purchase for $10 off!), as well as monthly giveaways on our Instagram to win $50 in NimNim points!🥳Washing machines at Boston

The undeniable reality is that NimNim is the future of laundry and dry-cleaning. With the inconvenience and fear that COVID brings, NimNim is a safe and reliable option to get your clothes done your way. However, “your way” can mean so many different things. We realize that we are servicing a diverse demographic– everyone needs to get their laundry done, after all! With that in mind, we provide perks and assets for people on every end of our target audience.

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For one, we are huge proponents of green dry-cleaning and doing everything we can to keep our customers and our planet safe. We collaborate with Carter’s Cleaners over in Everett, Massachusetts for our dry cleaning needs, and we all can assure you that our dry-cleaning process is free of any harsh chemicals such as perchloroethylene. Check out this blog post that features our interview with Lou Morelli, owner of Carter’s, to get the inside scoop on our green dry-cleaning process!

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Looking ahead, we know that our journey is just beginning. We have big plans for NimNim and we’re so happy that you’re here along for the ride. You all, the NimNim fam, inspire us to keep going and growing. We want to service new cities. We want to keep optimizing our app. We want to expand our network of drivers and staff who take the best care of your clothes, shoes, and household items. We realize that going to the laundromat and dry-cleaners in two separate trips is honestly a drag. We’re here to alleviate any stress and negative feelings caused by the laundry hassle. We’re here to make your clothes and shoes make you look and feel your best without the added hassle. We’re here to be your Lifestyle Concierge, and we’re so excited to keep growing on our journey forward.

With love, 

The NimNim Team


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