The world is increasingly becoming more and more eco-conscious and people across the globe are making smart life choices that support the environment. And choosing eco-friendly dry cleaning over the traditional methods is one of them.

It is not only about simplifying the lifestyle and minimizing the wastage of our resources, but also about changing our habits and adapting processes that have a positive impact on the environment. As opposed to the traditional dry-cleaning methods that leave harmful chemicals and carcinogenic ingredients into the environment, eco-friendly dry cleaning provides multiple benefits that make it a preferred choice of today’s aware and conscious consumer force.

Here are some significant advantages of using eco-friendly dry cleaning:

1. Conserves Water And Saves Energy

Unlike traditional laundry services that consume a huge amount of water in cleaning and washing clothes, eco-friendly dry cleaning uses no water at all. In addition to that, all the chemicals used to clean the clothes are eco-friendly as well. It is a process that neither waste a priceless natural resource like water, nor add harmful chemicals to the environment.

2. Reduces Health Risks

Traditional dry cleaning uses harmful chemicals that can pose some serious health concerns if exposed for a long time. This has been the reason why a number of states within the US are implementing a ban on traditional dry-cleaning methods. Eco-friendly dry cleaning, on the other hand, poses no such health concerns as biodegradable and non-toxic detergents are used in the cleaning processes. The absence of harsh chemicals also means that your clothes get treated with gentle agents that increase their shelf life.

3. Safe For Post-Cleaning Usage

The biodegradable chemicals and the eco-friendly dry cleaning process make the cleaned clothes safer for use. In the traditional dry cleaning process, some part of harmful cleansing agents and other chemicals remain on the surface of the clothes, which when used or inhaled can cause allergies.

This is a definite risk to the users. But organic materials that eco-friendly dry cleaning processes use have no such side effects or allergy-inducing properties.

4. Removes Stains Better

The most common ingredient used in traditional dry cleaning processes is PERC, which, in certain cases, reverses the stain removal process. This means that in the long run, some hard strains might reappear. Eco-friendly dry cleaning has no such effect as PERC like chemicals are not used.

Eco-friendly cleaned garments don’t get that yellowish tint that traditional dry cleaning can cause over extended use. There are no remains of harmful chemicals on the garments and the clothes are also devoid of unpleasant chemical-like odor.

5. No Groundwater Contamination 

into the environment, causing serious pollution to the groundwater. These chemicals can cause harm to the plants, and crops and eventually reach us through food, air, and water. Eco-friendly dry cleaning causes no harm to the groundwater, which requires utmost care and conservation efforts.

6. More Employee-Friendly

The process of eco-friendly dry cleaning is a lot more employee-friendly as compared to traditional dry cleaning. The chemicals used in eco-friendly dry cleaning have no side effects even when the employees come in contact with them on a daily basis.

This ensures that the health of the workers is not compromised in the working environment when eco-friendly dry cleaning is used. It surely helps if the employees are in good health as it not only benefits the organizations, but also the society as a whole.

7. It Costs The Same, Or Even Less

Several countries, including the US, are supporting green initiatives and eco-friendly dry cleaning is one of them. Such initiatives make eco-friendly dry cleaning services extremely affordable. As the government in the USA is thinking of eliminating the usage of PERC in the coming years, it is being taxed heavily, making it more expensive to use. This makes the traditional dry cleaning methods more expensive compared to eco-friendly methods.

8. Helps Set Up An Example

Adapting any kind of eco-friendly way of living is like setting up an example for others to learn and inspiring people to follow the same. This is one of the biggest benefits of using eco-friendly dry cleaning services.

If you can convince even one person to follow it, you would have made a huge difference in contributing to the cause of saving the environment🌳.

The US, just like a majority of the world’s population, is heading towards a more sustainable and eco-friendlier lifestyle.

And we all must contribute towards this global cause. It takes only a few lifestyle changes to make an impact that can go a long way and using eco-friendly dry cleaning services is one of them.

These services have huge benefits to the environment and since almost every household uses dry cleaning services, it could have a lasting impact on the environment if every family started contributing to it.


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