What is dry cleaning: Guide to dry cleaning

In this dynamic world, everything needs extra care, and so do our clothes. While a section of clothes can be managed with ordinary laundry, a few need extra care. Thus, there are various forms of cleaning your beloved clothes, and one of them is dry cleaning. Since you have landed here, it is safe to assume that you are looking for a dry cleaning service or want to know about the process before signing up for the service. In both cases, this detailed write-up is here to help you out!

So, what is dry cleaning?

As the name suggests, dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothing without the use of water and detergents. If not the water then how? Unlike traditional laundry, clothes are cleaned with organic solvents that work to lift stains without damaging delicate fabrics in this process. The common reasons behind opting for a dry cleaning could vary; from preserving delicate garments, stain removal, and odor elimination to maintaining a polished appearance and seasonal needs.

Beyond the Basics: Specialized Dry Cleaning

Leather jackets deserve some extra TLC! Leather is different from the others; it has to undergo a specific cleaning process so that it does not lose its suppleness and get damaged. Look for a dry cleaner that provides this service in order to maintain your cherished jacket in its perfect condition.

3 signs to identify if your clothes need dry cleaning

The easiest method is to check the care label on your garment. If you see “Dry Clean Only” or there is specific dry cleaning instruction, you don’t need to see any other sign!

➔ If your outfit is made of delicate fabrics like silk, leather, lace, or wool, dry cleaning is suggested as it is gentler on clothing than traditional laundry.

➔ If your ensemble features work of beads, sequins, or embroidery, you should go for dry cleaning.

➔ In the case of tough stains, which do not fade away with traditional washing, dry cleaning is safe.

Process of dry cleaning

Moving on, it is time to address the elephant in the room! What is the process of dry cleaning? The entire process of dry cleaning service consists of five steps, which are briefly explained below:

Inspection and tagging of clothes:

The first step for dry cleaners is to inspect and tag your clothes. Inspection is done to ensure the items are in good condition and no items are left in pockets. Meanwhile, tagging helps them to sort whose clothes are whose. They may also wash clothes with similar stains together.


After all the garments are visually inspected, cleaners typically go through a pre-spotting process. They apply chemical solvent, vacuum, or heat to stains on your garment. It helps to remove stains during the main dry cleaning process.

Dry cleaning:

Once your clothes have been pre-spotted, they are placed in a dry cleaning machine. These machines work with the same basic spinning function as normal washing machines. During the gentle agitation process, cleaning solvent is constantly released through the pump and filter system. Post that, the machine releases warm air to completely dry clothes.


After the dry cleaning process ends, the cleaner inspects the clothes again! They
check for any remaining stains. If they spot any, the same process is repeated.


The final phase of the quality control process includes finishing, pressing, steaming, and ironing, as per the requirement of your fabric.

Benefits of dry cleaning

If you still think the process of dry cleaning could be a waste of your time and many
others, the below-given benefits of the service may change your mind:
● Handles delicate and fragile clothes with caution
● Eliminate stubborn stains or long-lasting odors
● Eliminates the risk of shrinking the clothes
● Effective cleaning method
● Extra care for your favorite outfit
● Extends the life of your clothing
● It SAVES your time
● It is convenient and affordable

Additional tips:

● Before concluding this write-up, here are some tips for you to get the best
results from your dry cleaner!
● Always, check the label on your garment!
● If you remember, explain the history of the stain to your dry cleaner (what
created the stain, how long it has been there, if you did home laundry to get rid
of it, etc)
● Inspect your clothes, once they are back from dry cleaning service; it should
not have a smell of any solvent.

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