Remember the feeling of confidence you had when you first wore that new shirt to the family dinner? Or the poise you felt when you donned your bright red dress for that date? As amazing as that feeling is, it always seems to fade away just a little more every time you wear the shirt or the dress again! Wondering why? Well, it’s not really the feeling that fades away, but more often it is the clothes that are fading. Now, that’s disheartening. Isn’t it?

Thankfully, you wouldn’t have to wear faded clothes any longer, as our experts at NimNim bring to you some much solicited tips to keep your clothes looking brighter, and you sharper for a long time to come!

So, without further ado, let’s get started with the top tips to prevent your clothes from fading.

1. Read The Wash Care Label

This is probably the most obvious yet the most overlooked measure when it comes to saving the clothes from unwanted fading. Almost all pieces of clothing come with a tag dedicated to the care it needs during and after washing. Right from water temperature to cycle speed and the recommended drying method, everything is mentioned on the label. Following these instructions can help keep the colors of the fabric as well as the sheen of the garment fairly intact.

2. Wash The Whites And The Darks Separately

Washing the whites all together ensures they remain sparkling white, just the way you like them. On the other hand, washing the darks together ensure that they do not bleed as much and their colors remain intact for a long time to come.

3. Turn Clothes Inside Out

When putting the clothes in the washer, it is recommended to turn them inside out. This will help prevent any wear and tear of the threads of the fabric that might happen during the wash cycle, and the loss of color when hanging them outside to dry. While this might seem a little inconvenient, to begin with, trust us, the benefits far outweigh the minor trouble.

4. Ensure That The Washer Has Ample Space

We understand that laundry is something that always keeps piling up, and it is often very tempting to stuff your washer with as many clothes as seemingly possible, but that might not be a good idea after all. Not at least for your clothes. The problem is, that an overstuffed washer works harder, and gets tougher on the clothes and therefore on their color. Moreover, it becomes rather difficult for the water and detergent to spread evenly, which means that your clothes can’t get as clean as you’d want them to.

5. Use Cold Water

When it comes to keeping your brightly colored clothes looking as good as new, the best advice is to wash them in cold water. Whether you are using a washer or choosing to handwash the clothes, using cold water will keep them from fading. And don’t you worry, almost all present day detergents work equally well in cold water as they do in hot or warm water.

6. Use Proven Drying Methods

As convenient as it is to use a dryer after every wash cycle, we strongly recommend against it. The dryer is designed to tackle your clothes in bulk, which is why it can prove to be rough on the fibers, hence your clothes might start looking jaded and faded only after a few washes. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, simply stick to the age old practice of hang drying your clothes whenever possible.  Doing so, with your clothes inside out will ensure that they dry out perfectly without losing that much desired sheen.

7. Add Ons To Your Rescue

If you truly want your clothes to look spectacular, every single time you wear them, make sure to use one of these two miraculous things – Fabric Softener and Vinegar.

Both of these products are amazing at locking down the color of the clothing, while also preventing the fabric from unnecessary friction that can lead to fading. 

Since you’ve diligently read this blog up until now, let us share a secret – your clothes need not be washed as often as you think. In fact, if there’s a shirt or a top that you haven’t worn for long, instead of putting it back for laundry, consider air drying the same. Right from easing the wrinkles to releasing the odors, air drying will do it all, without your clothes having to go through the agitation that washing, rinsing, and spinning puts them through!

We hope that you now know how to keep your beloved pieces of clothing looking good as new! If you still find yourself struggling with the same, you can always rely on NimNim App for a trustworthy clean, wash and fold service, complete with the convenience of pick up and drop.


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