Hello NimNim Fam and happy May! We hope you’ve been enjoying the warmer weather and the sun. To celebrate, this week’s blog post is going to feature some of the most fun and exciting (but also COVID safe) outdoor spots in Boston and Miami. As a lifestyle concierge, our goal for you all is always to make the most of life, not laundry. Let us take care of the chores so you can enjoy the perks of the beautiful cities we are so proud to service!


Boston has officially launched the B-Local app, which rewards customers for shopping, eating, and experiencing Boston’s local businesses (Side note: We have partnered with B-Local, so if you want to save even more on your NimNim orders, place an order through their app)

On the B-Local app, you can find La Catrina, a local business serving traditional Mexican food and street style with all the love and care you would experience at home! With an artsy and intimate atmosphere, La Catrina also boasts such personable and chatty staff that make you feel right at home. Also find a decent selection of margaritas and beers on the menu! They have a cozy indoor dining area plus a great selection of outdoor dining options— we recommend sitting outside for safety reasons (and plus, who doesn’t want to enjoy the weather?) Additionally, they offer takeout and delivery options.


One of our other favorite features on the B-Local app is Urban Adventours, a unique, eco-friendly bicycle shop and tour company that provides original bike tours and quality bike rentals for families, students, and visitors. We especially love how committed they are to promoting sustainability with their green tours of Boston’s highlights and landmarks. They are open every day and this is a great and COVID-safe way to experience the ins and outs of Boston in a brand new way!



Okay, this one might be a given, but you cannot experience all Miami has to offer without ogling at the AMAZING art at the Wynwood Walls! This is the city’s first and only museum solely dedicated to street art. Better yet, it’s outside! According to TimeOut, the Wynwood Arts District is, “vibrant in color, deep in meaning and large in scope, the… undisputed selfie capital of Miami and chances are, you’ll recognize some of the murals from the profile pics in your Insta feed.” However, the coolest thing about Wynwood is that it’s not just limited to art. You can also stop in for outdoor yoga, public concerts, and rotating DJ sets, which are all free! Just make sure you book in advance to attend.

A great dinner and drinks option in Miami is the Broken Shaker! According to TimeOut, without the Broken Shaker, “we’d still be ordering vodka-sodas and flavoring our drinks with cranberry juice.” This place is super hip and has an amazing selection of tropical-themed drinks. Otherwise known as Miami’s OG cocktail bar, this is a lively and upbeat spot where you can chill and soak up the sun. Since we’re living in the COVID era, stray away from shared punches and instead try a speciality individual cocktail. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere!

We hope these places help give some inspiration for things to do in our amazing cities. Don’t let the little things like laundry get in the way of living your best life. Instead, leave that to us! As for you all, go enjoy yourselves! But above all, please continue to be responsible and safe. This pandemic is not over yet, so please be conscious about wearing a mask, social distancing, and specifically socializing responsibly outside whenever possible. If you’re already vaccinated, please continue to be conscious about social events. Listen to the CDC but enjoy the warm weather and lifting spirits! Happy weekend!


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