Hi there, NimNim Fam! We hope you’ve been settling into the summer groove and enjoying some of the lifted restrictions that have been approved by the CDC. We’re so excited to show you another side of NimNim for this week’s blog post! Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you might be wondering who is behind the social media and blog posts. You’ve probably seen our TikToks and Instagram Reel Laundry Hack series and have wondered who that random girl is in front of the camera. Well, that’s me! My name is Lily McIntyre and I started at NimNim this past September as the Social Media Intern and eventually worked my way up to be Marketing Director as I have incorporated more email, blog, and web strategy in addition to my social media endeavors. I’m a college student and NimNim has been my first hands-on social media gig. I was amazed at the leadership potential my position granted me. However, when I first started, I was a bit hesitant that it was my job to create six posts a week about laundry of all things. Is there really that much to talk about? As I discovered, there actually was.

Throughout my time at NimNim, I have staunchly believed that our goal of our social media presence, consistent with the company’s goal, is to make the laundry and dry-cleaning process accessible to all. That’s why I started making my Laundry Hack series. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a link to one of my recent videos. I discovered that a lot of people actually found these tips and tricks helpful! The hacks are simple and effective, and more often than not do not require a washer or dryer. We’ve been so happy and grateful for the positive response these videos specifically have gotten!

As it’s now June, you will realize that I did actually manage to make laundry-related content six days a week for ten months (I have my content planned out until August, so technically a year!) However, I did this by expanding my reach beyond the laundry world and into the worlds of the two cities we service: Miami and Boston. Both cities have such a rich culture and history behind them and it’s been a personal favorite part of my job to highlight things to do and how to stay safe during the pandemic while also having fun! Our other big goal of our social media endeavors, and the company, is to handle the boring stuff like laundry so you can get out there and enjoy the city. As a Bostonite myself, I love taking my own favorite places and things to do and incorporating them into blog posts and social media content. The NimNim lifestyle is one with fun, convenience, spontaneity, and without worry!

While you’re here, give our social media accounts a follow if you haven’t already! Click for links to our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. If you have any questions or comments regarding our social media content, please send me an email at lily@getnimnim.com. It has been such an amazing opportunity optimizing this brand with Akshay and Nimish, the brains behind NimNim! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us, NimNim Fam! Until next time👋.


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