Hello again! I am so looking forward to giving you all an inside look at the NimNim process and mission. One thing we really pride ourselves on is giving back to the community. In Boston and Miami, there are so many intelligent and hardworking young professionals, but many might not have the financial resources to allocate on, let’s say, a new suit, for example. We wanted to change that because everyone deserves to feel and look their best on the job! Thus, we started placing donation boxes outside of a lot of the apartment buildings whose residents use our services. We only expected some gently worn clothes to be donated, but the response was astonishing! We are getting emails and calls almost too often from the building staff that the boxes are full. In fact, we’ve received over 500 lbs of gently worn clothes so far! It’s all thanks to the residents at buildings like the Harlo and the Ink Block here in Boston that are making our mission a reality. Their residents are the real deal! What started out as clothing donation boxes at the Ink Block and the Harlo has turned into a movement. Thank you so much to the property and community managers who have advocated for us and this movement– we could not have achieved what we have without your thoughtful guidance and love for the community.

Sepia The Condons at INK Block

NimNim's Cloths donation box at Harlo

NimNim customers love the idea of the donation boxes, too. It feels refreshing to clean out your space of clothes you might not need anymore, especially since the line between home and work during COVID-19 has become so blurred. But most of all, it is incredible that our clients’ clothes get to empower so many other people in the community.

Check out the overwhelming amount of donations we’ve received!

Clothing Donation Box

We also have partnered up with our friend Saiba, who runs Carvd Fitness, which offers bootcamp, personal training, online training, and more. We collected a ton of shoe donations and have decided to donate them to children in need in Liberia. Check out some of what we received!

Shoe Donations

Here’s where we donate– thanks to the Salvation Army Family Store for your graciousness!

Family Store Donation Center

We also donate directly to professionals in the East Boston area. Here’s our COO Nimish manning the donation station and offering clothes to an East Boston resident!

NimNim's COO offering clothes to an East Boston resident

Whether we like it or not, our city is becoming more gentrified and it is becoming increasingly harder for residents who have been here for their entire lives to not be pushed out of the city. We’re so thankful to have been given a platform to make tangible change in addressing this issue. East Boston offers a rich culture and we want to service the people who have made it their home and aim to keep it that way. Donation box clipart

Thank you to our NimNim staff for pioneering this mission and for your service to the community!

To our NimNim fam, thank you for helping us spread the NimNim mission throughout the community! This project has been a much-needed dose of hope and unity for all of us, and we are so proud to service you all every day. We hope these clothes can inspire young professionals to feel like their best selves and to instill a belief that they can change the world.


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