Partner with NimNim

The beginning of NimNim is driven by a simple desire - to free everyone of countless to-do lists and let them go back to enjoying the better things in life.

To make this a possibility, we take pride in what we do and work hard every single day to save your time, to bring efficiency and to make lifestyle services more accessible to you.


A working professional with strict deadlines or a student surviving from class to class - we make sure that taking care of your clothes is on us. From eco-friendly products to super quick delivery; we go beyond the usual to make this easy, convenient and reasonable.


Running a business is no easy feat (we speak from experience) so trust us when we say, we understand your needs.

Efficient, prompt, responsive and within your budget, NimNim knows its way around deep stains, large batches and commercial requirements.

We currently partner with some of the busiest and most popular restaurants, spas, salons and airbnb hosts to take care of all their laundry and lifestyle needs.

Meet some of the people who make this worthwhile


Two is better than one and NimNim strongly believes in nurturing partnerships. If you are a real estate agent, an upcoming apartment, an event company or just someone who wants to take their business a notch higher, let’s make it happen. We welcome all partnerships.

If you have a partnership idea in mind, get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you. You can write to us at